Auger Failure

Ted Leavitt

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Feb 11, 2024
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Visalia, CA
Smokefire EX6
I have have my SmokeFire for about 3-years. Previously, Ihave a Green Mountain Grill and Pit Boss pellet smokers. Each have good and bad points. When I bought the Weber SmokeFire, I was super excited and have enjoyed its use. Unfortunately, the shear pin on the auger to the motor has sheared off for the 2nd time in 2-years. What is worse is that I was in a tri tip cooking competition and it failed 10-minutes into the start up.

Before filling the pellet hopper, I always sift the pellets to remove the powder as it can bind the auger. I use the smoker regularly and ensure my pellets are fresh and not affected by moisture. Has anyone had these problems?
Timing sucks, sorry. I usually pull the augur out and clean it every few months depending on how many cooks I’ve done hoping it prevents any jamming.
That is frustrating. Did you manage to find something to get you through the cook? Weber updated the design from a cotter pin to a bolt, they should send you new parts.
This happened to me about a year ago, although not in a competition. I was advised by one of the other members here to pull out the auger a couple times a year and clean the chute. Not sure why this happened but I'm sad to hear this