Bear Mountain anyone?

I am definitely subscribing to this thread. I have never used them but they look promising as a premium pellet and I like how they price shipping into the cost of the bag unlike other companys
First I’ve heard of them. Though I’m new to pellets. Looked at the Cherry and it says “The perfect blend of 100% premium, natural hardwoods – no flavorings, fillers, or additives” wonder if that means are a blend like Weber’s that are 40% cherry and 60% maple? Interested to hear reviews.
Haven't tried them yet, but the Mak grill shipped with a complimentary back of their hickory pellets. I'm assuming they must be decent if a reputable manufacturer is sending them with their grill.
I've used them they are decent pellets, but they are pretty big. My Smokefire runs better on the Weber or Lumberjack pellets which are smaller.
Any of the Bear Mountain makes my auger whine. I'm using those pellets now strictly in my AMAZN smoker tubes for cold smoking
OH NO I already bought them :(
I'd never used them before. They had a great online sale in January, bought a bunch, went through two different sacks, and each one caused the auger to moan and groan. I can't really say the pellets did anything to the grill, but after twice trying to get to 600f, and taking over an hour to reach that temp, Weber is replacing the auger for me
I use them regularly and have not noticed any problems with them. I feel they produce good smoke flavor and around here I can get them for $9.99 for 20lbs(tractor supply). I use the oak and competition blend.
I used some last year when they had 2 for 1 deal. They made my auger groan. The ones I received were much shorter than Weber or Lumbar Jack. I ended up mixing them with other pellet to use them up. I won't be buying again. Lumber Jack is available locally for ~$9, so that is my goto now. Never had an issue with them.

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