SOTM December 2020 Smoke of the Month Winner is ...


The last Smoke of the Month contest of 2020 has come to an end! We had 7 great looking entries this month but there was one clear winner. Getting 45% of the votes, @rwhapham claims the top spot! Congrats! 🍻

Thanks again to everyone that took the time to submit a photo. We'll be getting another contest the second week of January so stay tuned!
good job @rwhapham ! I knew it! As soon as I saw that chili bowl!! I knew it was over. Great food great plating.
Thanks, all. It certainly didn't show off the SmokeFire from a pure meat smoking standpoint, but it opened my eyes to how it can be used to take part in dishes that aren't normally thought of as grill/smoker dishes. I don't expect I'll be making chili with stovetop cooked protein anymore. 😁
Congratulations rwhapham! Great entry that looked like an even better meal!
Again thanks to all for sharing with us schleps. Congrats to rwhapham!
Congrats @rwhapham! All the entries looked fantastic!

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