Even temperatures left to right


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Mar 2, 2020
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Long Island
Has anyone figured out why the temps are uneven from left to right? Part of me likes having two zones, but I would like to know if anyone figured out how to even it out. Thanks
I think I like to pretend I like 2 zones. I believe it’s the location of the fan, but what the hell do I know?
You should experiment, but I've found that I can greatly affect the temperature variation by moving the position of the first flame diffusor, the squarish steel thingy on legs.
I move it to the far right because my monkey brain thinks that will move more of the heat to the left (to even it out some) but one time I assembled it and pushed it to the left...and it seemed to make the left side hotter. I need to devote some time to experiement, but I've got kids and just haven't had the drive to play with it :)

also like Bruno said, I like that I have a cooler side and a warmer side honestly. The last time I checked the temp variation was about 20-30 degrees once it had reached the desired temp
Yea I tried moving it.. not sure if it did anything I’ll keep experimenting
Replying to follow. I have not measured it though there is a clear temperature variation on mine. Hopeful a resolution is found.
Contact technical support at weber. They are sending me welded auger chute assembly that’s supposed to help with that. I will let you know after install

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