Ex4 and hopper insert, was it better before?


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Mar 2, 2020
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Long Island
Like the heading says, I’ve had my ex4 for about two months. I put in the hopper insert about a month ago or so, I’m not sure it is better with the insert, the guys over at amazing ribs seem to think the insert on the ex4 make it worse but it helps on the ex6. Any thoughts by ex4 owners?
I haven’t really noticed a difference since installing it. I think my issue was with the finger guard vs the hopper slide. Have left it in so far though.
I have an Ex 6 and pulled that hopper after a day. I like the 22 pound capacity and the new hoopers don’t work good enough to use. If I gotta use my hand every six to 8 hours, so be it.
I have an ex6 so I don't know if it's the same, but I pulled the finger guard day 1. My ex6 will feed reliably for as long as 12hrs. That's the longest I've left it alone, not because it started having a problem. When I check on it after that length of time, the pellets can look like they're stacked up on one side, but it's feeding well enough to keep stable temperatures, so I figure why worry about the appearance of the pellets...I've completely stopped worrying about mine feeding
Can someone show a photo of the hopper insert please? I was thinking of trying one....based on the comments here maybe I don't need one? Is the intended purpose to keep them feeding so as to not run out on long cooks?

Thanks in advance
I don't think the insert will help. Remove the finger guard? Maybe as long as you don't have nosy kids. I just use my have every couple of hours. Others have tried car wax.
This is an issue for those that want to cook all night and sleep at the same time! I prefer to start at 5am.
Early in WSF's existance, someone applied a teflon? tape to their hopper. This was prior to the insert fix. They did as I recall state later the tape was preferred over the insert and they were staying with the tape. I don't recall if this was on this forum or possibly one of the others on which I follow the WSF. They also removed the finger guard. I was going to try to find the original poster on this and see if this is still a successful solution for developing a reliable slide. If I'm successful, I'll copy back.
I finally removed the finger guard and noticed a difference in how the pellets fall into the chute. A full 20lbs for a brisket pellets did move towards the chute but I also help pellets along during cook as I check the meat. Never appear to bridge to create a void when I pushed the pellets. With the guard even with less than 5lbs I noticed a void. And I have the original auger chute.