EX4 Temperature issue


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Oct 17, 2020
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SmokeFire EX4 & Genesis E-310
New to the SmokeFire this week. Was cooking today on the EX4 at 160c after around 2 hrs the temp started to drop and I got low temp alert. Couldn’t get it to start rising again. Did a complete shutdown and cleared the hopper. Re-loaded and fired up again. Reached 160 and the I had the same constant issue of dropping temp. I found if I kept loosing the pellets at the feed it would get back to temp but would drop again but was inconsistent when it would start to drop again. Meat was never getting to temp due to issues so gave up. Any thoughts on the cause. I will be contacting Weber. This was my second cook as only got it this week. The first was chicken breasts which went without issue.
Make sure you have the newest update on it . It could also matter if the store you bought from put the grill together of you did . People at the store don’t really care and just throw it together as fast as they can
When Wismokes said updates, I am sure that he meant both hardware and software (app, OS, and firmware).
Yea i did . I tend to explain things like people already know what I’m saying . Wife tells me that all the time
Make sure you have removed the wire safety guard just above the chute. It seriously impedes the flow of pellets.
Thanks for the replies guys all appreciated. I built it myself, all updates done before use but I will remove the finger guard and see if it helps 👍
Up-date: contacted Weber and their sending a welded chute they say will solve the issue.