HELP! First brisket on the 4.


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Jul 12, 2020
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Boyce, VA
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Picked up a 7 pound flat at Costco. Any tips for temp and internal teMPs, fat up or down, pan under brisket, wrapped or unwrapped? All tips are welcome.
be careful not to over cook her. I’d go pan under brisket and I’d probably use my injector for the first time in a flat only.
fat down and leave it all, flats are very finicky.
Wrap at 165 and put some beef broth or some other fun liquid in their to help.
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Like Bruno suggested, fat side down since the heat comes from directly below, and the fat protects the flat.

When I do flats:
- a 1/2 steam tray pan with water on flavorizer bars undergrates
- I let the SF stabilize at 200F,
- then smoke boost for an hour or so,
- then back to 200F until the brisket reaches 160 or so,
- wrap in butcher paper or foil (I prefer the paper)
- up SF temp to 225F or so til brisket is somewhere around 195
- check for tenderness, pull or keep going
- wrap and put in cambro/cooler for 1 hour
- enjoy

I like Bruno’s suggestion about adding broth or moisture...I will try that next time.
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I did a whole one on the top rack, and just put water/drip pan(s) in bottom rack. Worked very well.