Front Table Support Question

You wood really be pushing it. The front self is a little shaky.
A guy I have a ton of respect for did this with 1 1/2”
I have an 1 1/2 boos block and I have to say that thing is heavy, so I’m not sure I would try that. I’d order one of these.
added to cart- lets see if I ever get around to a mod like this :)

I'm still thinking of an outdoor granite rolling table
Tell us more, how’d you build it what hinges did you use?
Link to hinges (at are in the op.
Some guy on a Weber SmokeFire facebook group gave me the dimensions: 40.5" x 12" - Minimum is 39”. Nice dimensions! However, the critical dimension was the 2" height of the butcher block. The bottom of the butcher block needed to be notched out, in the two places where the brackets attach, because the WSF grill handle can interfere with the butcher block's Z (vertical) dimension when closed if you use WSF's existing screw holes/screws - which I did. The only other issue, as noted elsewhere, is the WSF handle takes away from the useful table space when you close the cover. In hindsight, maybe I should have extended the 12" depth, but I was concerned about the weight of the wood from the get go. As is, the table is *very* sturdy and can support adequate/reasonable weight, i.e. pushing down on it with two hands indicates stability/adequacy.