Grill grates for my EX6


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Mar 27, 2020
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Thinking about ordering up some grill grates for the SmokeFire any thoughts on the best set up? I’m thinking about trying to do 2’-0” of grates and leaving the left grate alone?
hows clean up on these? Any info would be grate!! 😀
I haven’t used them on my SmokeFire since they increase the temp a good amount. I love them on my Genesis, they are easy to clean once seasoned. I do use one of their brushes as it gets between the raised rails better. I have a third of the ones on my Genesis upside down so have a flattop like surface that is great for vegatables and toasting buns. I’ve been tempted to get some for the Smoke fire to used for higher heat cooks, but can’t decided if I’d want them for low and slow. Hopefully someone else can weigh in that has used them on the SmokeFire as I’m no help there.
Thanks, I’d use em for high heat only in the SF. Not 100% sure I need them but I’ve seen some crazy grill marks done witH them.
They definitely make some nice grill marks. Love them for burgers.
I’ve always just laid them on top of whatever stock grates are in the grill. This allows me to remove them easily when I don’t want them and I’m still ready to go. I have a couple sets of them but I’ve never used them in the sf. I guess I should for the sake of science. They do as advertised I can tell you that.

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