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Jul 4, 2020
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East Aurora, NY
Smokefire EX4; Summit 670; Bullet Smoker 22”; Q100
Picked up our EX4 yesterday still in the box from our local nursery. Assembled last night —amazed at the both the clarity of instructions and the packaging, as well as it having the “F” revision with new hopper insert. Burned off at 600F this morning after downloading and installing the software update, and now making a large Chuck Roast, Texas Style.

Checking the Weber supplied temperature probe ( target temp of 215F) against my Maverick three probes (1 upper grate and 2 on lower grates) plus my infrared gun, and other than the Weber probe running about 12F lower than those, The unit is purring.

So far it is acting like a true Weber quality product.
The initial smoke came out perfect..now on to some serious smoking.

My gratitude to all of you who paved the way and became beta testers - willingly or unwittingly — for the Weber Smokefire roll-out, provided freed back to Weber on their initial problems, stuck with it throughout the the COVID-19 pandemic, and continue to provide suggestions for improvement.

Your trailblazing made life so much easier for those of us who followed.
Welcome here from Phoenix, Az
Glad you like it!! It does a great job as both low and slow and a grill!

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