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Homemade Brat Advise


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Apr 11, 2020
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I picked up an stand mixer with a meat grinder and would like to try making my own brats. Anyone have advice or recipes? Do you prefer casing from a butcher or is ordering them online ok? What meat works best? I have no experience with making sausages.
I've made thousands of pounds of venison/pork 50/50 mix sausage over the years. I've landed on using Waltons.com for casings and supplies in general. I'd recommend using the 32mm fresh hog pre-tubed casings. They are more expensive but they only pre-tube the best casings so very few holes and nice long runs. They also have some great seasoning packs. I like the blue ribbon, great basic brawt, add some high temp cheddar cheese and they are incredible. The Philly steak and Beer Brawts are also great. They also have a great forum call Meatgistics with a very active community of users posting best practices. Jon and Austin do the videos and tutorials, they are fun guys. Tons of videos to help you get started and they have great customer service. They are a commercial supplier that's moved down into consumer space so they are packing spices for 25# batches and have conversion charts to do 1# and 5# batches too.
I’ve always wanted to do stuff like this but I’m too disorganized and don’t take the time. I do enjoy living vicariously through others through. 😁
I'd definitely like to see some photos if you attempt this!
Great call, you won't be disappointed! Make sure you watch the video about finishing the stick in a hot water bath. Best way to make moist, snappy sticks. Need any help feel free to let me know.
Pork shoulder was on sale for $1.49/lb. I hope to get some brats done this weekend. Not sure what to use for the snack sticks. Maybe chuck roast and shoulder??
Whatever is on sale! do a 50/50 blend for something like an eye roast where there is little fat, or drop it down t0 40% pork for fattier cuts.
This was more time and effort than I had imagined. 4.5-5hr start to finish. 1 shoulder made 29 brats. I measured everything and used percentages to add the spice and cheese. I also added 4 sliced jalapeno to half the meat. Getting a consistent size on the brats will take a time or 2, no big deal. I only had 1 blow out when the casing hung up on the horn. No big deal. The stand mixer is a 3.5qt mini artisan. Pretty small unit actually. About 12x12. It handled everything without a problem. 1st mixer I've owned. Mostly picked it up for its size, brand, and to make pizza dough. This is icing on the cake. I have plenty of seasoning, casing, and cheese to probably do 2 more shoulders.




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