Hot/Cold side reversed?? Anyone experiencing this?


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Apr 24, 2020
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My SF has always been hotter on the right side. Typically about 20-30 degrees. I never minded the difference, just used it as a multi-zoned cooking area. After the latest update I cooked chicken, and typically move the pieces to the far left as they get close to done so they will finish in the cooler area. However, this time I started noticing it seemed much much hotter on the left now.
I'm cooking a brisket today and I put thermometers on left and right and my hot/cool has switched. My left side is roughly 20-30 warmer than the right now. WTH, is this some weirdness related to the latest update?? I never understood what would cause the heat differential anyway, but how could an update cause it to flip? maybe it's a coincidence??
Yes, I remember that's just that my hot side has always been the right, and now it's on the left. I can't see that I've put anything back together too differently than normal, and I've been watching my temps throughout this brisket cook. Consistently hotter by about 20-30 degrees, but on the LEFT versus the right like it's always been. This started after the last update.
As stupid as it's sounds .. maybe wind direction? When I was doing those temp checks I could see the flame coming out of the fire pot alternating left and right at times. I was thinking the wind had something to do with it. And the shroud position as well.