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Jan 12, 2024
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Glendale, AZ
Weber Performer
OK, an introduction. I am a retired USAF, and retired corporate aviation maintenance instructor. Have used various charcoal and gas grills, but upon retirement years ago purchased a Weber kettle, followed by a Smoky Mountain and then a Performer. After deciding I wanted to also make my own sausage and failing with the Webers (my inability to adequately control temperature for sausage) I added an electric MES strictly for sausage - and found it to be unreliable. So now I have a Performer that does well with grilling, but not so much for smoking.

So, my purpose here is two-fold. I am interested in the SmokeFire and would like user information and experience with the Gen 2 and it's ability to cook sausage. I understand the minimum temperature is 150 degrees F?
I think you would be better off with the Smoky Mountain for low temp smoking. The Smokefire has smoke boost that brings the temp down around 180. I tried to smoke snack sticks and they turned out less than desirable. They cooked pretty quick. I think typical smoke time was 4 hours and mine hit temp in less than an hour. The smokefire will do a great job with brats though. Seems like most of the things I saw for smoking sausage and snack stick used a vertical smoker. I haven't used one, but have many many cooks on the WSM and think it would be my choice next time I try.
Had a WSM (18") and it seemed to always run hot. I tried numerous "tricks" to keep the temperature 150 degrees F for sausage, but could not. Worked good for brisket, pork butts, but just ran too hot for sausage. Finally got rid of it. Was hoping the pellet smoker would eliminate the all night baby sitting on briskets, plus enable to do sausage.