July 2020 Smoke of the Month Winner Is ...


We had several really good entries in July that could have been featured here, but unfortunately only one could be land on top! With that said, the winner of the month by two votes is @bbqking (y)

Thanks again to everyone that took the time to submit a photo. We'll be getting another contest the first week of August so stay tuned! If you have any suggestions for a theme, please post in this thread.
Thank you boys and girls. I actually am very surprised. My personal opinion is dutchie did a better job..All if you guys did really good. I appreciate it though. You guys boosted my confidence quite a bit. I was even telling tha wife, “Wouldn’t that be cool, and fun to enter a contest one of these days?” Now let’s all smoke it off again in August! I’m down for doing a chicken theme.
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Your on dutchie! Fish is a secret weapon of mine...hehe. I’m down for fish. Now I’m wanting that second badge....😇
Uh oh, you just tipped your hand! Lol
Check these out, if you can’t tell I like cedar planks.


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I did salmon once with a rum brine. Soaked for 15 minutes then approx 4-6 hours in kosher salt and brown sugar. It was nasty! I don’t drink and was slightly grossed out. But...we shredded the rummed salmon, and put it in a salad...omg....it was perfect.
Nope! Wouldn’t count. Too much food. Lol just kidding! GOOD GRIEF! How many people does that feed? All I can say is “We’re not worthy!”