Negative reviews, but not seeing reviews of EX4


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Feb 27, 2020
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West Valley City, Utah
On Youtube I have seen a number of negative reviews & many returning grills. Everyone of the grill I have seen are the larger model. I haven't seen a video review of the EX4 model. Today I stopped by a dealer that had both models. I noticed that the hopper is shorter on the EX4, thereby making it a steeper drop in the hopper. Could this be what is the problem on the larger model is that the slope is more gradual due to the longer length on the larger grill? Due to the smaller body of the grill, would this also help to avoid grease fires that have been reported on the larger grills? Just joined here & have had a keen interest in this grill, but am leary after seeing so many negative reviews. Someone please post a review of the smaller model.
I'm not pro enough to have a full review. and I've only done high heat cooks so far, but my ex4 is running nearly flawlessly. biggest issue I've had is the system doesn't process temperature changes fast enough at times. So it'll jump from 350 to 460 when its warming up. If I target 425 it just takes time to cool down. Hopper seems okay, cranks up every time, cools down properly. I do move the pellets around periodically, but that's super small fries to me. Here's a picture of the temperature screen and the first steak I threw on there. Poor plating skills.


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I have four cooks on mine so far all lower temp smokes and have no issues. I did remove the finger guard in the hopper.
I have the ex4 and it works pretty good. I have had some of the same issues as ex6 owners though. I did a brisket cook for about 11 hours and I had the pellet feed issue. Weber pellets. The only way I could get them to keep feeding was to stir them by hand. I also had a grease fire at the end off this cook as I was shutting it down and it ramped up the heat. I did not use a grease pan, but I did use a water pan. I also had an problem during the shut down after this cook. It just froze up and made this loud buzzing sound. I tried to upload a video of the sound but it said it was too big.


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