New EX4 Temp issues


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Jun 23, 2020
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Smokefire EX4
Hi, I am new to this forum, I just purchased A smokefire EX4 last weekend and had 4 flawless cooks. Have done chicken, ribs, fish and shrimp. Last night I was going to try grilling some veggis and once the grill was on it heated to 120 then I noticed no smoke coming out and apparantely the fire went out. I shut down the grill and cooked the veggis on my old genesis gas grill since I did not want to wait 15 minutes to shut down. I tried starting it up today to see if everything was working ok and it heated right up fine. I then tried to increase the temp and heard the grill fire get going but after 15 minutes the temp did not increase I am wondering if this is software related or the temp probe is bad. I have messaged Weber and am awaiting a response.
If you want a prompt response from weber it is imperative that you call them.

There are times the grill can be somewhat slow to respond to temperature changes, I've always assumed it's the algorithm trying to avoid overreacting, or overcorrections. I'm certain Weber will want to know the firmware/software version of your grill. Make sure you're on the latest to get the best performing version of the SF.

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