New Firmware 4045 is in the air!


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Apr 14, 2020
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Weber Smoke Fire EX6, Weber Genesis E-310, Vision Series B
Just got notified and it is downloading now. I am sure that there will be more later.

Installed fine and is running now.
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On the phone or the SF?
Firmware is the controller startup/shutdown software on the SF (similar to the kernel on your computer). The June OS software runs on top of the firmware. Please forgive my bad IT efforts.
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Well I’m firing her up today...beef cast iron stuff. Did not see it trying to update.
I only wish they updated the list at the same time.

And I checked the list before I started it up.........
I only wish they updated the list at the same time.

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My SF still says the old is current. Cycled on and off a couple times to try and nudge it towards update but no dice. So, that website is correct for me. Is this going out to beta testers first?
I just sent an email to Weber CS asking to provide more transparency to firmware and app updates to their SF community. I don't at all suspect it will spark any change but writing a respectful request put me in a better mood after reading this thread and others about lack of transparency regarding updates and fixes and if you don't ask, the answer is always no. If enough people ask, maybe the message is heard. Looking forward to the firmware update when it is available to the community at large.
I will say that it appears that 4045 is an improvement. Yesterday, it was 60 degrees outside, so I fired up the SF to 200, let it stabilize, and then started SB. SB ran at 150-175 degrees for about an hour and a half. I then switched back to 200 degrees. Over about three hours, the air probe stayed much closer to the controller temp set point than it has in the past. I have generally ran about 25+ degrees below the set point on the air probe. With 4045, the SF ran at about plus or minus 15 degrees of the set point temp. Previously, I almost never got to or above the set point. Also, when you start the SF, there is a little pause (a couple of seconds) on the display as it does a little thinking. So, we need to see what happens with more users. Later, alh.
I tried updating tonight but remained on Firmware 4042 Left on 1-hour. I would imagine they are gradually rolling out the update to specific serial numbers to ensure there are no issues.