New Weber Connect version 1.1.2 (88) for Android, IOS remains on 1.1.1 (399)


Feb 17, 2020
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The Netherlands
Morning (from Europe)
This morning I noticed that there is a update for the the Weber Connect app to version 1.1.2 (88) for Android. So far nothing is mentioned for IOS this stays on 1.1.1 (399). The new functions are (drum raffle) surprisingly detailed described: Overal app-improvements. 😤

But I'm happy that we receive improvement although we have no clue what they are. So if somebody notices a change lets share it ;) happy cooking!
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Still on February version in Play Store in the States
Still on February version in Play Store in the States
I got my Android update to 1.1.2 yesterday, so expect it to be rolling out to the US over the next several days. Haven't had opportunity to cook with it yet.
Using the Android version, changing the target temperature from the app is no longer buggy. Before I had to mess with the SmokeBoost settings before I could change the target temp.

The app lost connection at some point, just showed smoker temp stuck at 200. It had in fact reached my 225F target temp. Restarted my phone and the app, it reconnected after about 5 min. That's the only hiccup I've seen so far.
So far I have not seen any issues with the apps (Both, ios and android). Though I have some wishes and I think some ideas require some ironing. But so far so good.
Updated, and had no control issues with the app (possibly because I didn't use it for that). It was quite pleased at the new recipes :rolleyes: and had to tell me about them. Notifications seemed a little different somehow. I still get double notifications for the same event, but they had different text this time.