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Jan 1, 2024
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Kingsley Michigan
I am new to the SmokeFire, I got one for Christmas and I can't wait to try everything on it. I was gifted the SmokeFire (my fave husband) and some off brand pellets. Like I said I am new, previously I used a gas grill. Looking to up the food quality with smoke!
Welcome to the forum @TanyaR - Congrats on the new SmokeFire! 🍻

What are you planning for the first smoke?
Baby back ribs... still trying to figure out how to do it? Boil first.. dry rub?
No need to boil. Dry rub lightly, set to 225 and let it go 3-4hrs. When the meat start to pull back from the bones, you can sauce them for 10-15 min if you like. The goal is not "fall off the bone" meat, you should be able to take a solid bite of meat. They shouldn't fall apart when you cut them. If you are in a rush, you can wrap in foil after 2.5hr for 45min to an hour. This will finish the cook quicker. Leave the lid down for at least the first 2hrs. If you like a sweeter rib, cover them in brown sugar and butter when you wrap them in foil. Anymore, I don't wrap, just leave them meat side up for ~4hr then sauce just before removing.


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Definitely no need to boil.
My family likes fall off the bone so that’s what they get. For baby backs I do 2-2-1. As stated above lightly rub them (I over seasoned for years and hated what I cooked) put em on for 2 hours, then wrap in foil with butter, honey, apple juice anything really, then 2 more hours, remove foil and stick em back on for the last hour. Sauce 15 minutes before you will take them off.