Old auger photos after replacing

Brad S

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Jan 31, 2020
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Here's the auger when I pulled it out. The wood is impacted and had to be pried out with a screw driver. I think the impacted wood was preventing the auger from turning freely so the controller couldn't feed pellets fast enough. That explains the grinding noises I used to hear. The new welded assembly does not have a seam where the wood can grab so it will turn more freely. There is a cotter pin in the area of the impacted wood that may be crushing pellets and preventing them from freely pushing out of the area. If it had enough force to start pushing the gasket out of place then it had to be binding up the auger.

Impacted Pellets in auger tub w arrow.jpg

Here's another photo of just the gasket

Gasket deformed by pellets.jpg
do you also have new foto's from the replaced auger, and do you have the steal one, and are your problems now resolved.
What i see on the forum it helps direct when replaced with the steal one piece welded auger
Hey Fastpeter here are some more photos.
New Auger Chute Top View.jpg
Old Auger Chute Top View.jpg
Profile view Old Chute vs New Chute.jpg

My problem was getting to 600 and so far it solved it. Even with the new auger chute when I don't clean the burn pot it takes a long time to get there. When I clean it I get to 600 in about 18 min. I have some numbers on a different post. I will be doing my first slow cook tomorrow since the fix - should be a 6 hour cook. We'll see how it goes.