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Feb 15, 2020
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Hi All,
Thought it might be a good idea to have a thread where people can post what grill they have, production date, store bought from (return experience if you have), results so for with it. Use it as a reference to gauge which folks are having success or not and what grill they have.

So I'll start.

Purchased from Lowes
Production date of 1/13/20. (production date can be found on the box label where the serial number is. It starts with a P)
Mine is still in the box as I wait to decide on whether to return it or not, based on the feedback (good or bad) that all you folks are providing (thanks for doing that).i
I unfortunately don't know my production date as I don't have the box as it was too big to fit in my car when I purchased it a Lowe's so I took it out to get it home. My EX4 serial number is in the 140000 range but I don't know if they are sequential or not.

Edit - I've had no major issues so far, got up to 600 in 10 degree weather and no issues with 8 hour pork shoulder at 250. I did stir the pellets on occasion to be sure didn't have a flame out.
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EX6, purchased from Lowes, preordered on 12/2/19, delivered on 2/7/20.
SN: 809XX, 12/07/2019
Wouldn't hit 600 out of the box, auger assembly replaced (issue with gasket). Running great after that.
EX6, purchased from Lowes, preordered on 12/2/19, delivered on 2/7/20.
SN: 809XX, 12/07/2019
Wouldn't hit 600 out of the box, auger assembly replaced (issue with gasket). Running great after that.
Where is the gasket that has issues? Did you see what saw wrong with it?
EX6, purchased from Lowes, preordered on 12/2/19, delivered on 2/7/20.
SN: 809XX, 12/07/2019
Wouldn't hit 600 out of the box, auger assembly replaced (issue with gasket). Running great after that.
Sounds like my issue. Did they send you a new assembly or did they send a Tech?
They sent the new auger to me and then the tech called to set up the appt to install it.

I apologize, I didn't get a chance to study the old one, he took it with him. I'm just saying that based on what the tech told me.
tell me more please
Hi Frank, yeah hindsight being 20/20 I wish I had asked a few more questions and examined the old auger to see what he was referring to. I just don't have any more information than that. There are a few other people having issues getting up to temp, so maybe they will be able to shed some more light if they need to do the auger replacement.
Purchased From: BbqGuys on 2/11/2020
Production Date: 11/12/2019
Serial Number: 46556

Worked on initial startup. Hit 600 in 20 minutes exactly using Pitt Boss Competition Pellets @ 55 Degrees and ran for 1:20.
After initial startup I attempted to turn the temp down and the controller was pretty much unresponsive. After killing the power and then going through a shutdown procedure upon power up it has been working just fine.

Here is a video of the controller not functioning.


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This is a bit of a long post but I hope the info and my experience will help others. I assembled my EX4 last Saturday and first issue occurred when I could not update the software. I moved on to initiating burn-in. My smoker peaked at 525 degrees and despite everything I tried, it would not get past that temp. I called Weber support and spent about 2 hours on the phone troubleshooting. The rep was doing their best, had me email pics of auger, software version, etc and said they would follow-up on Monday.

I decided to put the smoker to use and cooked some chicken at 300. It held temp and performed well.

Monday: No call from rep so I called Weber. Talked to a different rep and spent about an hour on the phone re-hashing my issues. She was constantly putting me on hold to talk to supervisor. At the end, she said I needed to be at my smoker to test some stuff out. I was at work so we agreed that they would call me at 7:30 CST that night. Keep in mind their support is only there until 8 CST. I got home a little early so I called them at 7:15. Finally got someone on phone at 7:45. Noone called me at 7:30. Rep was not helpful and told me they would contact me the next day with solution. I asked to speak to supervisor. Supervisor was helpful and explained they had a meeting earlier about these issues and sounded like I needed a new controller. Told me to contact them next day for info.

Tuesday: Called and talked to another supervisor. Was told they would be sending me a new controller. Later in day I received email with shipping info. Controller was being overnighted.

Wednesday: Controller arrived while I was at work. I received call from supervisor to check and see if controller had arrived and if I had installed. I told her I had not. She said they made some updates to app and asked me to uninstall app and reinstall before swapping controllers. I got home from work and uninstalled app, turned on smoker, reinstalled app and after pairing it updated software! Issue #1 seemed to be resolved. I then fired up smoker to see if it would get to 600. It topped out at 550.

Thursday: I talked to supervisor and explained smoker still will not get to 600. (I'm in Texas, outside temp was 50-60). She said they would be sending me a new auger.

Friday: No shipping info from Weber so I contacted them. Talked to another supervisor, said it had not shipped yet and he would push it through. <1 hour later received shipping info. It was being overnighted.

Saturday: Received package. I was a little confused as they sent a full auger chute assembly. I read through the instructions and was even more confused as the instructions showed a one piece auger/chute. Pics attached. I decided to just separate the auger from the assembly, removed auger from my smoker and installed new auger. Pics attached show the 2 augers. Old one is on the left. Interesting to note on stickers old one says "Rev D" and new one says "Rev F". I cleaned out the smoker, pellet hopper, etc, then put everything back together. Fired it up and reached 600 degrees in <20 minutes!

So if you are having any temp issues, I highly recommend contacting Weber to get resolved. They are working through solutions to these issues.

I am very happy with my smoker so far and just tossed on some sausage and a turkey breast

In the last image below, the top auger is the old one. The only gasket I can think of seems fine on the old one.

2020-02-22 11.57.16.jpg
2020-02-22 11.57.26.jpg
2020-02-22 12.07.46.jpg

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