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Jun 24, 2024
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I am looking hard at a Searwood, and deciding between the 600 and the 600XL. I know the standard response is to get the bigger size if you can afford it, but I'm trying to decide if that's the right decision for me. Family of 5, rarely entertain more than 1-3 additional people. A Weber 300 series Spirit gas grill has been sufficient for our grill needs, and when I smoke/BBQ (previously, on a Pit Barrel Cooker), a couple Boston butts or a Costco pack of three slabs of spare ribs has been plenty for us.

It looks like the 600 bottom rack is about the same size as the Spirit that I had, so I have a feel for what I might be able to grill on it, but what's the realistic capacity of the 600 non-XL for smoke/BBQ-ing, say, spare ribs?

One of the factors is I'd like my fairly petite wife to be able to handle it during the week, she cooked a lot on the Spirit. I know the pellet grill will be more effort, so keeping it manageable for her to handle is important.
I have both Smokefire EX4 and Searwood 600. I haven't tested the Searwood capacity but I have done a lot of ribs on the Smokefire which is the same size. I did a bunch of ribs one day for a party. But normally I only do 3 slabs (because Costco sells 3 packs).


Thanks, those photos are helpful. Looks like enough room for what I need (realize that's the SmokeFire, but as you point out, the size is virtually the same).
Here is nearly 80lbs of Brisket on the XL.
I will also add, if you get the griddle, you maintain some cooking space.


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I would think the additional effort would be minimal as the pellet hoppers are the same on both- and far easier IMHO than the Smokefire.
Thanks, I appreciate the photos and points made. I think I'm settled on the Searwood 600 based on the responses. There is no scenario where I would cook 80 pounds of brisket, and as I was considering the math, I realized that for the extra cost of the XL ($300) plus a griddle insert ($200), I can just about get a dedicated 36" gas griddle. I think I'll use that savings and do so when I get the griddle itch, it will give me something to hook up to my natural gas line on the patio.

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