Smoke fire won’t maintain temp


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Dec 28, 2020
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Smoke Fire EX6
I received my Smoke Fire on 12/23/20 prebuilt. I turned it on for the initial burn. The glow plug didn’t ignite. I checked the plug made sure it was installed properly. It fired up and heated to 450 degrees. Suggested brake in period is 30-40 minutes. Checked the grill a few minutes later and experienced significant temp drop. Shut it down and repeated. Same result. Next day tried again. Same result. I changed the glow plug. Fired back up and heated to 475. Maintained for roughly 20-30 minutes still trying to brake in then significant temp drop. Is this a know issue with the Gen2?

A few follow-up points/questions:

1) Seeing "prebuilt" sends shivers down my spine. My first check would be to download the BILT app and run through all instruction stages to make sure everything is installed correctly. Specifically the burn pot, the pellet slide, and the area underneath the unit that directs airflow up through the burn pot.

2) What firmware/software are you running? Have you completed a full update?

The latest versions found here:

Thanks for the advise. I am second guessing having the hardware store build it. I did exactly what you said, reviewed the BILT app, read over the install manual and will be checking everything before firing it up.

I updated the app on 12/23 which was going to be my initial burn in date. Didn’t fire up so I took apart the auger chute, cleaned the grate and did my best to make sure the glow plug was installed correctly without removing it. It did fire up but never remained at temp during multiple tries to brake it in. Gonna try again over the next few days and praying for better luck.
Did you check for pellet bridging? Many of us have removed the wire finger guard, though Weber would never recommend it. That has all but eliminated my pellet issues. I still stir them when out checking on things but not every 30 minutes or so like was previously. If you do remove it only remove one screw at a time since it holds the auger chute too. Also shove a rag in the chute in case you drop a screw.

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