Smoking Corned Beef?

Mojo RyZen

Feb 21, 2020
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Bayonne By The Sea
Approaching St. Paddy's Day, I turn to Tommy Moloneys to keep my peops well fed on the high holy day. I usually simmer the corned beef in beer, but I've found that smoking the meat provides comparable results. Because of the pandemic and fewer family visits, I cooked/smoked three corned beef flats today, using dry rub marinates, for practice. They came out great,! The attached images show one of three meats. I wouldn't quite call it pastrami. Descriptions and labels can be limited.

Here are the details:
2) Rinse off in cold water
3) Towel dry
4) Trim fat
5) Optional: Use yellow mustard or something to adhere the dry rub to the meat
6) Warning: SPG may result in too salty meat (the corned beef is already brined). Avoid salt.
7) Dry rub with <whatever you like>
7) For those who don't like spicy, only dry brine with brown sugar. Place in fridge for x hours, x = you decide how long.
8) After x hours, take meat out of fridge and add more rub, if desired.
9) Turn on pellet grill. Set temp to 250F
10) Optional: Use water pan with wine, APV, beer, or whatever
10) Place meat on main grill and use temp probes
11) Sprits after 1-1.5 hours with good whatever
12) Wrap or don't wrap @ 165F. It don't matter. If your fam doesn't like spicy, drivel honey into aluminum foil, or butcher paper, wrap and throw meat back onto smoker until IT reaches 202-204F IT
13) REST meat in a cooler for at least one hour
I'm too tired to re-check what I just wrote, YMMV


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That looks fantastic. I am hoping to smoke a Corned Beef Brisket as well this year. I love making grinders with the leftover Corned beef coupled with: shaved red onion & green pepper, hot giardiniera, thousand island dressing, and baby swiss on a French sandwich roll and brought together on a panini press until gooey. Good stuff.