Transporting Smokefire


Dec 1, 2020
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N. California / Bay Area
Hey All,

Wondering if any of you have transported your Smokefire to use it in another location. Like strap it down in the back of a pickup and drive it a decent distance away. Specifically talking about an EX6 but will take info from EX4 users as well. if you have moved it did you notice any issues with things not working properly when you got the unit on site?

Main concern is just issues from vibration. My primary concern would be with the igniter system as the glow plug shaft seems fairly loose as it is. I have no issues with the Glow plug system currently, just notice it is easy to move. I currently have a hose clamp on my glow plug so I am not worried about the plug itself coming loose but rather the whole mechanism being damaged and possibly the controller unit.

Again all concerns are about vibration and bumps from transportation
I would remove what you can (auger/motor, glow plug assembly, grates, flavourizer bars, Basically anything essential to have the unit working) and pack it separate. The controller is pretty easy to remove but I wouldn't know if its necessary.
While I have never moved mine, the above is what I would do.
If you are going through the hassle of moving it, a bit of extra time spent to minimise possible damage is worth it.
When I got my replacement from Weber it was shipped completely assembled in a wood crate lined with foam. The flavor riser bars in some parts had fallen and moved so these things should be able to handle some decent vibration. I did have to go through and tighten up some of the leg bolts. I was thinking I might take those out one at a time and use Loctite
I wouldn’t worry about it personally. I would remove the loose pieces only. Grates, flavorizor bars and center deflector and roll.
I'm about to move across the country again. Here's to hoping they pack it well. The Weber Genesis never had issues during the moves, but the Smokefire seems like it might.