Update from the Weber CEO - SmokeFire related

Yeah, I’d love to have that $200 back, but I’ve had some really good food during this lockdown.
@JetRanger - Thanks for letting us know about that. I'm glad to see Weber acknowledge the problems (although it would be hard with social media to sweep it under the rug) and continually make improvements. At least the early adopters (aka beta testers) can say they had a part in making the grill better!
Thanks for this. My SF has been out of commission for almost a month, (the glowplug failed again, and the controller will not connect) so I bought a Traeger from Costco. I would love to get this one running again so I can sell it and get some money back. Maybe I will get a response from their world famous customer service to my 3 week old emails? Also wondering how I get someone out to look at the unit as the the CEO said they would do....
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I love to see CEO statements like this that are totally meaningless, its all shareholder appeasement and new buyer garbage. They didn't offer to send me $200 refund or $200 of weber pellets for being a beta tester and having a non-functioning grill off and on for the last couple of months. They are reducing the price to lure new buyers now that hopefully we have helped them resolve the major product failures. Thanks Weber