Weber Adds A FAQ About SmokeFire To The Top Of Their Website

Seems like they tried to cover most of the concerns out there. I appreciate that though some of the responses are a little dismissive. I understand this though from corporate side they have to be careful with what they put out there and I’m sure they will handle individual issues with customers. Good to see them responding to customer feedback like that.
Here it is.
After reading it I am actually very upset with some of their responses and at the same time very happy they are at least starting to acknowledge their customers about issues we are having.
Thanks for sharing this, it does appear they could be discussing other issues as well, for instance if they know a particular revision of auger build or software release doesn't allow you to hit 600, they should let you know what to do to get it replaced. As for mine, the only update to software and firmware has been when I first started it, so if they have a new release of these they should post it so you can update your EX*

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