Weber Canada website sells direct now!


Dec 18, 2020
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Weber smokefire Ex4, kamado joe classic
So it has bothered me for years that weber did not sell bbq's or accessories directly to canadian consumers. I was very excited to see this week that this has changed. I now can buy direct off of webers canada website. I have been eyeing up the smokefire front shelf but could not find one anywhere. This is available on the website. Awesome.
Good to know. Not sure where you are in Canada but I have had good luck with Chadwick and Hacks in Hamilton.

I was able to get my front shelf from them and it was in stock. They also sell a Canadian made pellet that I so far have used a couple of times with no issues and they are 1/2 the price of Webber.

I'm in Alberta but will have to check out their website.
I know, I'm a bit late to the party.

I came across the WF Tompkins pellets in Winnipeg via a chap who is in the process of getting a business going. He's currently working out of his garage and had started with Cookinpellets (which is what I was looking for when I found him), but shipping costs were pretty high from the US and so he has given WF Tompkins a go. Alas, only pure Hickory, Hard Maple or Apple wood pellets. I've not tried the Maple pellets I bought, but hope to in the next week. I put together my EX4 today, but felt it was too windy to do a burn in considering everything is brown and dry outside.

The 20lb bags of Tompkins pellets were $20 including taxes. He does not have a website, but there is an FB page that doesn't seem active. Search for transconawoodpellet on FB.
I am still using these pellets without any issues. I was able to get a deal if you buy 10 you get 2 free and they were 12. 00 a bag. so with the 2 free ones its works out to 10.00 a bag. hopefully there will be more options for you out there soon to bring the price down.

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