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Nov 23, 2019
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Austin, TX
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To keep the place friendly, we ask that every new member post up an introduction thread letting us know a little bit about themselves, their current (and future) grills etc.

Please help us keep this site friendly and informative! Thanks in advance.
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Hi. I’m Eric from Montreal. The user name gives away the last name.

I’m a former search and rescue medic who now works for an aerospace company.

I love cooking and woodworking, and love adapting things to new uses.

I own several grills, including kettles of each size, from the 14 to the 26, a q1200 for camping, and a Napoleon gasser. EX6 is preordered
Greetings! Bill from Woodstock, Ontario. I am a graphic designer and University Professor.

Over the last couple of years, I've been learning the fine art of good BBQ and loving it! I currently own a Weber Genesis gas grill, and a Vision Grills ceramic kamado. Looking forward to my EX6 ordered on December 24th.
Howdy all - new to pellet grills - used a Traeger before, but didnt have great experience with their customer service.
Weber friends said Weber customer service is the best in the industry - so I waited for this grill to launch. Ive used charcoal webers in the past and appreciate their simplicity and robust flavor. Work horses! I am hoping this new addition to the deck will meet up to my expectations and offer up years of great food. Excited about the wifi connect and control - that is a game changer above what I've seen out there. I will ask a bunch of dumb questions - be prepared.
Mike from Baton Rouge here. Thanks to you members for all the great information being posted. I ordered the EX6 from Weber in early December. The shipper has it at the “Delivery Terminal”, wherever that is. Tracking still says tomorrow is the day. Haven’t been this anxious since I was a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa!
Look forward to sharing my experience.
I'm Eric from Minneapolis and recently retired so grilling/smoking is becoming even more of a hobby now. Some of my fondest memories were watching my dad grill a couple of day each week on the original Weber Kettle way back in the '70s. A Weber gas grill was one of my first purchases after I graduated college 32 years ago and I've always had a Weber charcoal kettle as well. I upgraded to the Summit S-670 back in 1999 and also bought a second S-670 for our lake home when it was built in 2018. I also have a Weber gas grill at our condo in Florida. We do quite a bit of entertaining at our lake home in the summer and at our Naples condo so it's not unusual for me to be grilling for a dozen or more a few day a week! My 22 year old son has become very proficient will grilling and he will often use the Weber twice a day in the summer, lol.

I've had some less expensive gas smokers but really haven't been happy with the quality/longevity and performance in lower temperatures. I was super excited to find out last summer that Weber was making the Smokefire a reality especially because I was weeks away from buying a Traeger. I ordered one back in November and my EX6 just showed up yesterday. It's trial run of ribs turned out great and I'll be looking forward to learning and sharing on this forum.

BTW, since it is 17* and overcast I tested the max temp setting this morning and am happy to report that as advertised, the Smokefire reaches 600* even at well below freezing temperatures. I also confirmed it with an oven thermometer.
Rob from Toledo, Ohio I'm a service manager at a Busy Ford dealership, I love to grill and cook anything, I have a gas, charcoal and a electric smoker I've never had a pellet grill so I'm very excited.. I've enjoyed reading everyone's feedback and comments, its helping pass the time while I wait for my grill to come. I'll be able to give more feedback when I finally get my grill, supposed to be the 18th now.
I am Tom from West Milford NJ. I am a GM for a Thermo King Transport Refrigeration Dealership. Have been there going on 43yrs. I have a Summit 6 series and love it as well as a WSM for smoking. The WSM works great but requires a little more tending to than I would like. My son has graciously offered to take the WSM off my hands and even come and pick it up, for free of course.... I enjoy being on the edge of technology, even though pellet grilling has been around for a while. I am hoping Weber has refined it to a point where works like it should, whether smoking or grilling. I will be using my SmokeFire mainly for smoking low and slow at least that is the plan.
I'm Bret from Spring, Texas (Just moved to the Houston area after living in Fort Worth, Texas for 18 years). I work as a director in the oil and gas industry for a directional drilling company. I currently do not have a grill or a smoker. I had a nice outdoor kitchen with builtins galore for pizzas, griddles, crawfish pots and standard grilling. I got into smoking meats with my company on a custom builtin when we would cook briskets and ribeyes for rigs around the country. Living in Texas I am always looking to try new places and waiting in line while I meat fellow enthusiasts. The best part about cooking is feeding people. I recently lost 100 lbs after getting a gastric sleeve in 2019 but still love eating and serving people.
Hello from the left coast! New to the forum but long time competition cook with lots of Weber gear. Anxiously awaiting our EX6 delivery this week, they say patience is a virtue? I'm not feeling it, just want it to arrive but now second guessing our decision to get in the SmokeFire preorders because of all the issues I'm reading about and seeing. I do have faith in Weber as a first rate company and their smokers and grills have won us lots of ribbons and cheques. I'm sure they are working on solving the apparent issues others are reporting and software updates will fix things up. Not loosing faith... We cook on WSM's, Traegers, FEC120, Summit and Performer charcoal grills, an East Texas Smoker Co stick burner and soon (but not soon enough) on the EX6.
New member out of St. Louis. SmokeFire EX6 Gen2 for about 3 years. First time with a pellet grill/smoker. Have always had a Weber over the years.

For the most part my SmokeFire has performed exceptionally, but I have had to change out some items, mostly because of user error, not necessarily the grill’s fault.

Love to experiment with different methods & techniques. Have produced some amazing cooks in the past three years with the SmokeFire.
Have a new 29" 3 burner slate griddle. Do I need to go to a special place on the forum for this?