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Dec 5, 2020
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I was curious if anyone uses the Weber "Wet Smoke Kit". The photo on Weber's website shows it mounted parallel over the flavorizer bars. This seems wrong in my mind, I would think that it should be mounted perpendicular to the flavorizer bars so you could maximize the pans surface area for catching drippings. Mounting it parallel as shown would require 2 or three of these to adequately cover the cooking surface. I suppose it could be that it is intended specifically for adding moisture into the cooking chamber only and not to be used necessarily as a drip pan.

I have read where several of you all use drip pans when you are cooking high fat cuts of meat to minimize clean up. Are you using this accessory or are you placing pan(s) on top of the flarorizer bars or under the flavorizer bars to capture the grease?


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It is definitely meant to be mounted parallel to the flavorizer bars. What you're getting is basically a folding rack that will support the pan. It provides a bit of clearance above the bars but mainly provides better stability than trying to balance the pan on the bars themselves. You are correct, though. If you want full coverage, you'll need 2 for an EX4 and 3 for an EX6. Coming from a WSM, I like that I can use it to add moisture to the cook as well as catch drippings for low-and-slow cooks, where I can't image that the flavorizer bars really add much. Granted, it doesn't hold that much liquid--at least not compared to the water bowl in the WSM--so you might be refilling it a lot if moisture is your intent.
I just bought it and it does fit just like in the picture.
I have one for my ex4. It works fine if my only desire is to add moisture. If I want to both add moisture and capture grease and dripping, I use a one-half size steamer pan below the lower grates and directly on the flavorizer bars while smoking.