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Feb 18, 2020
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Just curious to see what y’all would add if you could...

I’d like to see:
Start and shutdown.
Adjust temp
I agree with the temp adjustment. Honestly though I could care less about the startup or shutdown from the app. I don’t keep pellets in the hopper, so since I fill up pellets before I start it, no need to start from the app. Then once I finish cooking and take the food off the smoker I shut it down, again no big deal to me.
I want all of the above and a low fuel notification. I also want timers on the grill to go off on the app in a notification. I want a low temp alert that I set to go off as a notification. I want every temperature probe to be able to send a notification and alarm to my phone too.
Definitely temp adjustments, shutdown and more recopies geared toward pellet grill. Since I don't leave mine plugged in or with pellets have to go set it up either way so don't need startup. I'd also like to see widget and apple watch support so can see temps without opening app. iGrill does this today. Graphing or history of the temp probes over the life of a cook, low fuel, reached target temp, went below or above a target temp, food within 5 degrees (or a variable setting) type notifications,
More recipes, sorted in a more logical order, ability to create custom recipes and upload them to a place where others can download and even vote on. Keep a history of cooks with ability to make notes and rate them for myself or write down what I did right or wrong, ability to load app on iPad (not sure if its compatible) so I can watch temperatures on a larger screen while working at my desk, fix the android app so it always reads the probe temperature - right now it's buggy and loses the temperatures. Fix android app so you can monitor a custom temperature on the probes - does not work currently, make sure alarms work, option to keep the screen on during the cook overriding the device's screen saver mode if possible. Open up the controller's api so people can write custom apps to run the grill.

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