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Dec 5, 2019
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Montreal, Canada
What are you planning for your first real cook and for your “burn in” cook?

Im going to try my “new smoker” routine:

1. burn hot with nothing on the grill for an hour or two - de crud and de-chemical it

2. Render down some pork belly. It’s cheap and splatters

3. Sausage or a fatty. I like to just take a couple of pounds of hot Italian sausage and make a single “football” of fatty meat. Cook at 225 until done

4. Ribs. Hard to screw up but hard to really do perfect. Helps me to figure everything out.

THEN - I’m going to try a steak. I need to see if it can.
My favorite meal on a smoker is pulled pork, so that will probably be mine followed with steak! I'm anxious to see if this can replace my Weber propane grill.
Anxiously waiting to see if Smoke fire is a pellet grill, or pellet smoker. Big difference.
Received reply to my question from Weber asking what temperature they have designed as maximum for searing. Reply
Patric B (Weber-Stephen Products LLC)
Jan 10, 13:48 CST

Thank you for reaching out to Weber.

We have designed the SmokeFire to get you up to 600F for your grilling needs.
Was going to do a chuck roast but it's getting late so we cooked hamburgers. Set the temp to 400 and used probe to cook to internal temp of 155. Tasted great. No much for searching marks... any suggestions? I'll try 450 next time.
1 Burn-in (with probe army) (Excel charts!!!)
2 Wings (to find my hot spots)
3 Ribs (4 racks)
4 Two Butts and 2 Briskets

Just need the grill! I’ve got a “Whiskey and Wine Valentine” party this weekend with 20 couples coming. Really don’t want to “buy” the food - is rather cook it.
Anyone see any pictures on ribs or brisket? I’m curious to see the smoke rings and flavor penetration.