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Mar 2, 2020
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EX6, 3, 22” kettles, 18” kettle and a e310 gasser
I just got four of these glasses and two new replacement glow plugs. Just showed up on a ups truck. Says it’s a thank you gift. Pretty cool.


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It says for being one of the first to buy a SmokeFire. Kinda cool. It doesn’t really say why for the glow plugs...maybe it’s just in case?
Cool! Did you buy yours from Weber?
I registered it with them.


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Weber is a great company!! They have been beyond generous with me over the the last decade!!
Enjoy the glasses, I’m concerned they thought u may need 2 glow plugs!! Lol.
What’s wierd is I didn’t ask them for anything. I emailed a while back and asked if they recommended to do any updates or replacement parts. They said no. If it’s working it’s ok. Let them know if anything goes wrong.
Got the same thing!!!

A few on the Facebook group I follow as well received them as well.
Did you get a couple spare glow plugs?
I just received the gift box w/ 4 glasses, a "thank you" note for being a valued customer which they say they are sending out to all registered SF customers, and a separate card that was said "this is an extra set of replacement glow plugs" except that there weren't any GP's attached to the card, they were underneath all the cool red fluff stuff at the bottom of the, Good thing I doubled checked or I woulda just tossed the box and fluff stuff. I did email customer service a few days ago after reading somewhere on this site about someone complaining about the then sales price being $200 lower than what us pre-order customers paid and that they had written and received a credit back on their original purchase price. I haven't had anything but a relatively good experience w/ my EX4, and I did mention that in my email to Weber asking about a credit on my original pre-order purchase price. We'll see how that goes I guess.........
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Cool I hope I get one when I get home from vacation.
I hope I get some sweet glasses too, I registered back in February.
Mine showed up today. Four pint glasses and two glow plugs. My plugs were also buried in the awesome red packing material. Way to go Weber! I bought and registered my SmokeFire on March 13th.
Did you get a couple spare glow plugs?
Yes I got those too. I had purchased a spare a few weeks ago to have on hand just in case, only $ now I have 3 spares.

Still don’t understand how a failed glow plug has ruined so many cooks or weekends as I’ve seen in reviews and held so negatively over and over again... easily light your pellets with anything that produces a flame... that’s what I would do if mine failed and I didn’t have a spare, seems too simple.

Maybe Weber needs to put that in the manual, same if your gasser igniter fails use a match...