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Sep 17, 2020
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So I ran into my first snag with the Smokefire tonight. I have a set of Grill Grates I bought with my PK360. I decided to try them on the Smokefire while cooking some burgers and it did not appear to like them. I put them on the center of the grill over the fire pot and the grill had a hard time maintaining temperature. Will try them off to one side or the other next time. I'm guessing it disrupted airflow or possibly the grates heating up threw off the thermo couple? Not sure but definitely did not run as smooth as I've been used to.
Well...if at first you do not succeed, try....and try again.
And keep us posted...with pics
I am seriously considering getting some grill grates...interested in how your deal turns out.
One of the first things that I cooked on the SF was a 16 inch pizza right in the middle of the grill. Not good. Lack of airflow cranked up the temp real high. All pizzas since then have been done on the side or in pairs where airflow around the probe is not changed. I am betting that GG in the middle is not a good thing.
Interesting....I cooked the bacon destruction last night in the middle, no issues. The macaroni the other night in the middle no issues.
But think about a large pizza that has to be pushed up against the probe to fit on the grill. And the fan pushes the hot air out toward the sides and the probe registers low, heat goes up. If you have a couple of inches of space at the back in front of the probe, no problem. GG front to back in the middle may be problematic.
I’ve used my pizza stone in the middle, and large cast iron skillet, but neither is big enough to block the airflow. I would agree that GrillGrates in the middle, or covering the entire grate surface would challenge the controller to keep the correct temp and probably burn hot. I have a set on my propane Genesis and the the temp guage in the top reads much lower than the actual grill temp now. I run the grill on medium and it gets as hot or hotter than when I would set to high.
I haven’t noticed this. I routinely use a 12 skillet in various locations on mine. Not saying it won’t be an issue. Just saying I haven’t noticed it personally. I also used a full pan under my brisket for hours last week with great success. I will say I did consider the pan might be an issue. It wasn’t.
I have done several 12” to 14” pizzas on a ceramic pizza stone in my EX4 and they come out very close to the results I get from m my Italia Artisan Pizza Oven.

There are two components to making a great pizza , the bottom crust from the hot, preheated stone, and the uninterrupted air flow around the pizza to cook and crisp the ingredients The key is giving the time for the stone to get to at least 550F before transferring the pizza from its peel, and then keeping the cover closed for 5 to 8 minutes for thin crust or 6 to 10 minutes for traditional crust pizza.

The EX 4 works well on thicker crust and deep dish pizzas, but I have found that for thin crust pizza — our preference — like margarita pizzas (of course accompanied by its liquid namesake) that I prefer the pizza oven which reflects the heat better around and on to the top and allows rotation, is much faster and easier. Of course I lose the wood smoke flavor,

But then we eat pizza two to 3 nights a week.

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