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Jun 10, 2024
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Good Morning, I though perhaps tackling a blue job was a good idea, so I proceeded to clean the BBQ. I took out all the grates and heating element covers, scrapped off the charcoal and EXTRA remnants ha and then gave it a quick hose down. After reassembling it as it was, I now notice that the two ends of the heating sources flame at the front and back (video attached). This also makes it so that the heating elements in the middle aren't as aggressively hot as they were initially either. Does anyone have any ideas if perhaps I need to re arrange the element covers, or change something up? Please ignore the name usage in the video as I was sending it to a co worker once recorded on the weekend ha.
Thank you for your time.


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You hosed down the inside of the grill?
It sounds like you removed the grates & flavorizer bars. If you didn't remove the burners, then water probably got inside of the holes and pooled in some places and is preventing gas from flowing, resulting in no flame or inconsistent flame/temp.
You very well could be correct, maybe I should remove the burners to see, it was about 6 weeks ago so I would assume that water would have dried up, but perhaps there is something from stopping the gas flow.. Thanks.
Also check for cobwebs. And "burb" the gas by disconnecting & reconnecting.
Sounds like a gas issue, possibly the regulator if drying out doesn’t fix it like Bulkman mentioned. It’s rare, but I’ve seen this on gas grills too. Probably too new to be bad, but I’ve seen changing the tank and/or purging the regulator fix the issue.

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