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Mar 23, 2020
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Hello all,

I have been lurking here a bit and waited a long time before registering here. So I got my Smokefire EX6 today (European model). I noticed that it has factory-installed hopper slider modification and also have a Gourmet BBQ System grates. Assembly was quite fast. It was quite dark when I had time to do initial burn-in after a firmware upgrade(no problems there). The smokefire started on the first try (using competition blend pellets). It was up to 600f after 15 minutes (41f outside today).

After a while, I noticed (because it was quite dark outside and my patio lights were out that there was quite much a spark flying on the floor. The main source for these sparks was the ash drawer. There seems to be a gap (5mm/0.2" or similar) between the ash drawer and the housing. There is also a cap between the back of the housing and the smoker barrel. I notice if I put hex key or similar between holder and drawer the sparks get still out, but not so much as the cap closes. That was the reason I'm wondering is there any way to shut these gaps or have you done that or is this just a problem with higher temperatures? Let me know if you any suggestion.

But so far I'm very happy with this EX6. Can't wait to get some meat to start smoking.


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I own a European EX6 as well and had similar experiences. But doesn’t worry me much as the grill is not near anything burnable.

After the burn-in, I did Pulled Pork for 20 hours on it. I had a grease pan underneath and a water pan next to the pork.

The Smokefire held temperature (110 C) throughout the time without any issues, but burned overall two bags of pellets. That’s almost €40 and shocked me a bit. But I have to admit that during the night temperatures were slightly below freezing and it was windy. Hope the grill doesn’t burn as much in spring & summer.

The Pulled Pork turned out fantastic.

When I cleaned the SmokeFire the next day I had quite large amounts of ash in the grill. Due to the grease pan I had no grease drippings, but I am almost sure without that I would have had similar ash/grease build up that several other owners reported.


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Can you guys post of pick of the grates. I'm trying to confirm with ones they use.

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