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Jul 24, 2020
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Sarnia, ON
SmokeFire EX6, Genesis Special Edition, “Q”
I’ve been a Weber fan for ever and own 3 different gas models. I waited a year when I heard about the SF as I wanted a pellet unit. I bought EX6 May28th and brought it up to 600F. The very next day we had the best tasting ribs we ever had. The next weekend fired up the unit but wasn’t reaching temp. When I realized I wasn’t getting pellets into the fire pot I saw the auger wasn’t turning. It turned out the auger broke the welds That’s when my CS nightmare began and looking at your other post is not uncommon. Well it’s July24 and my second batch of replacement parts are installed and pray I never have to deal with them again.
Side note when CS did call me back they promised me a bag of pellets for my troubles. Both times I never did receive my bag of pellets.
That’s too bad. I’d contact them again. I’ve had overall good customer experience once get through, but the call wait times and response times have been disappointing. I know they are overwhelmed will the SmokeFire release and more people grilling with the pandemic. They’ve come through with everything they offered me and even gave me $200 credit on my grill that I purchased in February. I talked to a supervisor recently and they know they aren’t responding as fast and up to their standards and are working on adding staff and returning to the top tier service they are known for.

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