Front and Side Tables have made it to the site.


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Jun 29, 2020
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New Berlin, WI
Smokefire EX4, Weber Performer, Weber Q
Looks like the cutting board will store under the collapsible side shelf. Cool. Thanks for sharing.
How about instead of Weber giving all of us "founding purchasers/beta users" the $200 discount currently being offered, they give us the soon to be released accessories? The side & front table, the cutting board and the fuel pellet bag come to $194.96. Close enough to make me happy.
I’m surprised at the cost. I fig the EX4 would be at last $100. part of why I went with Fire Ring Guy one. That and I was tired of waiting for Weber’s.
Looking at specs EX4 front table holds 20 lbs and side table holds 40. So front may not be as strong as my Fire Ring Guy table.
Europe gets a lot if things we don’t get. Will never understand the Weber Co thought process on that.
go to the United Kingdom Weber site and look at what they offer for the GBS. it’s about twice what they have on the US site. Do admit they will offer more here for the SF.
Small remark on what European market gets for free :unsure:

EX4 -> US 999$ (New price 799$) -> EU 1199 (converted to US 1348$) price difference in US 549$
EX6 -> US 1199$ (new price 999$) -> EU 1499 (converted to US 1685$) price difference in US 686$

So you can almost buy an EX4 in the US of the price difference between a European and a US version. Counting with the new price. I would not call that free in my book that are expensive grates.

But still love mine ;)
Don’t forget the EU price includes sales tax around 20% in most cases. US price is without state sales tax which varies.