Good experience with Weber support - Bad Temp Port \ Controller Replacement


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Apr 11, 2020
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The #2 probe port on my controller stopped working. I would plug a probe in, the screen would flash the probe logo and ding, then immediately sound off and disappear. I dealt with the issue for ~a month after reporting it through the app. I didn't get any response that way. It really didn't affect my use of the grill, so I didn't think much of it. I decided to call and get the issue fixed. I was talking to a rep in less than 5 mins. I explained the issue, they verified my information and said they would send me a new controller and include a return label for the bad one. 2 days later, FedEx dropped of the new controller. Installation was quick and easy. In the app, I had to forget my old grill and pair to the new grill. Uninstalling and re-installing the app was not required. Pairing worked the first time. Connecting to wi-fi was slow, but it found my network and connected, only needing me to input the password. The controller was on the June 1.3 software. It immediately requested to update the software. The software downloaded and installed on the 1st attempt. I've used the grill twice since and all is working fine. Weber has made so much progress in the last 10 month on the software side.

I just wanted to post my positive experience with Weber support. Been using Weber product for 25+ years and the support has always been there. The smokefire had a rough start and I feel was released early. But I felt confident they would make it right and believe they did. It is now my go-to grill\smoke option.

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