Grilling in the rain..


Feb 11, 2020
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Simi Valley, CA
If I don't have the cover on my SF and it rains, my entire ash pan gets filled with water. I also get water in the base of my grill and even the pellets get wet and dusty on the bottom. There is a huge gap right about the auger tube... Makes me nervous to grill in the rain. Just curious if your's looks the same as mine...

Mine looks similar I think. I haven’t noticed any water in my grill but I have a cover. It’s only rained on me while I was cooking something once time but it was a very light short shower that barely got the outside of the grill wet.


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I think we all have that "feature". I have a cover but I also know that there will be times I will be smoking in the rain. This is indeed disturbing. I wonder if the pellet slide For my EX4 can be bent to make a cover? It might be more useful. I have already removed it.
I was wondering about this too... Today is gonna be one of those days I'll be cooking in the rain. See what happens 😅
Let us know how it goes. Weber support told me no problem to use in rain but did recommend a cover when not in use.
I’ve been smoking and grilling for years and ALWAYS use I deck type umbrella 10’ in diameter. Keeps me and smoker dry. Just sayin, and always cover when not in use. Payed too much for my new toy!
Well, I had to do the experiment today with rain. That old SF was swimming under water for 6 straight hours of good rain and worked just fine. I will try to dry her out a little tomorrow if we get some sun.
I’ve grilled in the rain several time and it has been fine.. haven’t noticed any difference and my pellets haven’t got wet
Rained almost all day here in North Texas. Started my cook in a solid rainfall used an umbrella to load pellets. Started up fine and maintained 275 throughout the rainfall just fine. Got sunny finally a few hours ago and still going strong. Hopper nice and dry and cook chamber as well. Ash pan got a little wet but that was all.