Leg of Lamb and Interesting Info on Temp Control


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Jun 17, 2020
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Wiltshire United Kingdom
Smokefire EX6
Cooked Lamb with Dijon Mustard and Hassleback Potatoes.

It was raining and a stiff breeze blowing.

I noticed that if I set the temp to 425f it was hovering around 350-380f and wouldn't go any higher!
Set the temp to 475f and it was there in an instant.
Back to 425f and it kept dropping again around 350-380f.
Set to 430f and it went quickly there and stayed there!

I am guessing it is an algorithm problem, coupled with local temp and wind cooling.

That aside it took around 2 hours and was excellent.


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Interesting, I haven’t cooked in the rain but have with strong winds. It definitely impacts temp if wind blowing int the vents. If it’s very windy I try to make sure the wind is hitting the front of my SmokeFire or use the house as a windblock. when it was cold I noticed it would sometimes take longer to adjust temps but that was with the old firmware.
G2EWS, are you sure that you have the latest firmware?

I have done two long runs in drizzling rain and had no problems with the temp holding after the updates. I have had to create a sheltered area for the grill. The back of the SF is against my brick fireplace and the sides blocked by brick stacks to keep the wind from sucking heat from the vents. It gets me out of sight....
Hi Both,

Thanks for commenting,

Definitely have the latest firmware. Be aware that I think we are at a slightly different version to you here in Europe.

As mentioned, I think it is just an algorithm problem. 5 degs difference is all it took for it to work properly.

The BBQ was next to the house, with awning out and over it. Still a bit blustery.

On my next cook, out of interest I may try and set at 425f and see what happens.



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