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Feb 15, 2020
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North Vancouver, BC
The new baby arrived today, all 205 lbs of ‘er.
Box was dented at where the legs box was inside but all appeared to be ok inside. The build went trouble free and it was a bonus to see it had the rev F auger preloaded. Pairing and firmware update took 15 mins and was without issue, we removed the lawyer guard, lined the hopper box with UHMW tape, loaded the hopper and didn’t touch the pellets again for the duration of the burnin.
It reached 600* in 15 mins and held constant with one rise to 630*. Let ‘er rip for an hour plus and then shut ‘er down. It’s Miller time!
So far so good. Going to cook several things over the next couple days to see how the little girl performs and she better not talk back!
Thanks to everyone here for all the posts both good and bad. Will report more as we cook.


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Awesome. looking forward to your posts. The finger guard removal and the addition of UHMW Tape have made my hopper impervious to pellet hulling and jambs...regardless of pellet brand.
What?! UHMW tape? Please enlighten me.
I don’t have the link handy but if you search it in Amazon it should come up. We used the three inch roll and it was enough to cover the bottom and a bit of each side of the shallow side.
Couldn’t stop ourselves, my buddy and I put on two thick ass ribeyes for a reverse sear with the bones on the side. Photos in a bit.
Well those were great! Cooked at 275 for about :25 until 120 then pushed the cooker up to 500* and seared them to 130*.
Off today to pick up some big cuts. We’ll see how that rolls, more later.


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What?! UHMW tape? Please enlighten me.

The bottom of my post talks about it and you can see the video of it in action. You can order it from amazon.

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